About Migratorya

Hello Everyone 🙂

My name is Iris and I have been writing since I was very little. At 8 I remember writing tales for my grandmother and making her one promise: “The first book I write, I’ll dedicate it to you”. More than 20 years later, my grandmother still holds me accountable. Sadly I have no book for her yet.

My dream to become a writer has come and gone many times over the course of my life, but it’s always been present in one way or another. Even when I dismissed the idea of becoming a novelist, I wrote blog posts (in other projects of mine). I’ve always been the perfectionist type when it came to my dreams so I put huge pressure on myself and my writing.

When creating Migratorya.com, I decided no more pressure. Just you, me, and my writing. On this blog, you will find also other interests of mine: wellbeing, nature, mindfulness, etc.

I encourage you to engage with me if the content of my posts connects to you. I would love to hear other voices out there.

See you around!

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