31 days just for you

For weeks I’ve been feeling a lump in the pit of my stomach. It comes and goes but I notice it especially when I’m doing unpleasant tasks like doing the dishes. I recognise the feeling: stress. But, why? This is a puzzling question for me. I’ve been working hard on shaping my mindset with my therapist help to overcome the stress and learn to relax. Also, I don’t have a particularly demanding lifestyle like other people who have it worse and still manage better than me. 

I wanted to help myself relax. To tell my body it’s okay, there is no rush. No need to feel threatened and prepare to run. That’s why I created this method I attach below. It’s a challenge based on doing one action every day for a month. I wanted to combine the following categories:

  • Self-care
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Hobbies
Preview of the challenge

The goal of this calendar is to try and make you feel better, to relax, to maybe discover new rituals that work for you but also, simply to be fun. I want to make clear I am no expert in anything really. I am just learning and sharing my personal journey with you in the hopes it helps you during yours.

I’ve already started doing it and will create another post once I finish it explaining my thoughts about it. But, in case you want to try it, please feel free to do so using the Download button and let me know your impressions in the comments!

Hope it helps 🙂

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