My 5 mistakes when trying to slow down

Last week I experienced a particularly stressful episode. Not for anything in particular, it happens to me from time to time. I feel this ball of nerves in the centre of my chest. I become very impatient and irritable for the smallest thing. I feel like I am always in a rush during these episodes.

Anyway, on the weekend I discovered this youtube channel I encourage you to check out:

The Cottage Fairy

Paola, the author of this video, plainly confesses in one of her videos the crude reality: these videos are an artistic expression, not a faithful representation of her life. But nonetheless, I felt inspired.

I subconsciously felt relaxed by her videos because, mainly, of the pace of them. Her movements and tone are slower than mine, for sure. I speak fast and when under stress, move and think very fast. How can my body not be affected?

And I started to think, what if I just slowed down a little? Like, what’s the rush anyway? Am I running to my grave? Would slowing down help my stress relax?

I would love to be able to give you tips and advice on how to slow down but, as I don’t know how to do that yet, I will let you know in here 5 mistakes I do that prevent me from slowing down.

  1. Multi-tasking. I can’t be doing only one thing at a time. Never. Literally. I think I only do one thing at a time when sleeping. Otherwise, even while I’m reading a book, I’m biting my nails or playing with my hair. Impossible to focus on just one thing. I call that being accelerated.
  2. Speeding up the unpleasant tasks. Can we agree that no-one likes to clean the toilet or chop the onions? Ok, me neither. But, does that take a part of my life? Yeah! What do I do? Try and do those as quickly as possible, sometimes I even get breathless because of how fast I run from one room to another. Can someone measure my cortisol levels during those moments?
  3. Don’t bother tryin’ to find her. She’s not there. I am not there, usually. When strolling the park? My mind is elsewhere. When washing the dishes? I’m thinking about the last movie I saw. My body keeps going but I’m not there. And worse, maybe you’re talking to me, and I’m not there.
  4. Prefer quantity over quality. I love reading, don’t get me wrong. During this pandemic, I’ve read more than ever in my whole life. But, that’s kind of the problem. Every time I stop reading I look at the percentage of the book I’ve read that day. Why? Why do I need to know that? Why do I feel such gratification when finishing a book just to see my Goodread’s count increasing. Stop it, productivity demon.
  5. Not thinking before talking. Sometimes my mouth is faster than my mind. I mean, I say whatever I was thinking without first thinking: should I say it? Or, how should I say it? Sometimes once I’ve spoken it’s too late to go back.

I could go on with more of my mistakes. But I feel there will be more entries about this issue in the future as I investigate and try to improve. Hopefully, these 5 mistakes have helped you realise some of your own mistakes or harmful practices.

We’ll talk again about this. See you soon.

3 thoughts on “My 5 mistakes when trying to slow down

  1. These are really useful to remember! Number 2 in particular is something I’ve been trying to avoid lately and it’s surprising how effective slowing down is. I actually published a post on practising mindfulness yesterday and I would recommend doing some research into it – it’s been so helpful in calming anxiety and stress for me. 🙂

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